Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Five: Companions on the Way

From RevGalBlogPals come's today's Friday Five:

Dante had Virgil as a guide. Before he had younger siblings, my oldest child had an imaginary friend named Patrick. Betsy had Tacy. Laura Ingalls depended on her brindle bulldog, Jack. All of them were companions on the way.

As we take the beginning steps of our journey through Lent, who would we take as a companion? Name five people, real or imaginary, you might like to have with you as guide or guardian or simply good friend.

For my five companions, I will choose...
St. Teresa of Avila for her wisdom, reverence, and wonderful sense of humor,
St. Francis de Sales for his compassion and love,
Tinkerbell, to remind me that attitude and a little intentional mischief aren't always bad things,
Mary Magdalene, because she has accompanied me along the way more than once, and
The Lady Raven Mudpaw von Wigglesbutt, my loyal and loving Australian shepherd, who rarely leaves my side when I am at home.