Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A little funny

Since I'm relatively new in my position at work, but I'm still doing mostly the same tasks I'd been doing for the last year, my team lead was asking me questions about what I do each month with the revenue information, and what my deliverables are, and when to expect them, et cetera. I told him some stuff on the phone, but then I followed up with an email to get everything laid out clearly.

So I opened up a new message in Outlook, addressed it to my team lead, filled in the subject header "My monthly flow," and started composing the email. A few moments later, I glanced up at the headers and saw what I'd put for the subject. Whoops! That's not what I meant! Ack! So I changed "flow" to "cycle," and went back to composing the email. A few minutes later, I glanced up again at "My monthly cycle." Argh! That's not what I meant either! What was this guy going to think?!? I pondered what to put, because cycle and flow are good words to describe what I wanted to say. I ended up saying "My monthly process," which was pretty good, and finished the email.

And then I chuckled for a few minutes over that whole thing. Just the way to impress your new boss - send him emails on your monthly flow! :-)