Thursday, March 22, 2007

Music Night and Some Silliness

So last night, in celebration of Bach's birthday, I played the E-flat flute sonata (My favorite! It's actually more of a duet between the flute and keyboard, especially the first movement), and then pulled out the Suite in B Minor, which has the Badinerie, which seems to be installed on most cell phones as a ringtone. I was not confident that I'd make it through the Badinerie, since I haven't played it in, erm, about 8 or 10 years, but I made it. Of course, I can't whip through it at the blazing speed that Sir James Galway does, but I gave up comparing myself to him years ago. And then, because I didn't want to be done yet, I dragged out Carnival of Venice, which is a fun showy piece. I made it through most of the variations, but the really fast minor-keyed one made my fingers shudder. After a good laugh, I pulled out Claude Bolling's Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano, which is loads of fun. I tried the Fugace movement first - a super-fast fugue - and had to stop because I was laughing so hard. I've never done more than try to read through that movement; I haven't practiced and prepared it, so it sounds miserable under my fingers. So I went back to the opening movement, and the slow movement that follows, both of which I know pretty well. It was fun.

All of my music is in The Cat's Room. She can't stand it when I play flute in there, or when one of the kids practices violin, or when any of us play at the piano. She flees in disgust. Next time, I'll blockade the door and bring out the PICCOLO. Heh heh heh...

In an impish mood yesterday, I was thinking about ringtones you would assign to various people. Like, what's the best ringtone for a massage therapist? Your boss? (Ride of the Valkyrie? Night on Bald Mountain?) An ex-spouse? (I Will Survive? I Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her)?) Mother-in-law? I had myself cracking up at some really obnoxious ones, but most of them seem to have slipped my mind. I think that would be a fun game to play with a friend sometime.

I'm in a strange mood this morning. It is payday, which means that I get to take money from my employer and give it to all the people it really belongs to. Sigh. But tomorrow is Friday, and my daughter will spend much of the weekend at All-City Chorus. Beyond working on some economics questions for school, I don't have much planned for the weekend. I treasure weekends without much planned. On other notes, I have a follow-up with my orthopedist to learn about the MRI results tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is also the farewell lunch for the most senior manager in this building, who is moving to our headquarters in northern Virginia. He is very funny, and I will miss him here. My employer is moving on getting me a short little desk (22 inches! Seriously, measure 22 inches up from the floor - it's teeny!) and a stand to elevate my screen back up. I'll have to use an external keyboard, but I already have one. My desk is going to look very odd when it's all put together. But if it helps, it's worth it.

I hope you find joy today, and if not, then maybe a little goofy, silly fun.