Thursday, April 5, 2007

A little slow on the uptake

~C over at Among the Hills has an interesting spiritual practice: he writes haiku based on the lectionary readings. I can imagine that this might really help crystallize the readings as part of sermon prep. And, sometimes, I'm sure, it's just fun.

I'd been meaning to call your attention to this pair of haiku from two weeks ago, most especially this one:

B: Judas
You are right, my friend,
we must answer for the poor.
But tonight, we dine.

I found this so profound, and recalled it several times over the last two weeks. I'll admit, though, I would make one little tweak, in the last line. I would say:

But tonight, we feast.

Of course, I'm a bit goofy about coming to the table for the Feast. That image - that action - week after week, is very powerful for me. I struggle with answering for the poor. I'm not always sure what that means, and I know it takes me out of my comfort zone. But the Feast is always there for me, for everyone. I guess that's the meaning of Grace.