Friday, May 11, 2007


It happens all the time, but somehow it never fails to surprise me when I'm heading merrily down the path I've chosen, and I get whacked in the back of the head with the cosmic two-by-four.

Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post has been near the top of my list of favorite writers for a couple years now. He's written some fabulous pieces, and while I don't always get to them in real-time, I never miss his weekly chats. His column for this Sunday is incredible. Don't miss it. I wanted to clip out a segment, to give you a taste, but I find that I just can't. Go read it.

Whack! Two-by-four! I know Mr. Weingarten would not approve of my metaphor, as he is firmly not in the God camp. But I'll bet he's had the cosmic two-by-four experience many times before, even if he wouldn't call it that. They seem to be part of the human condition. I will say that, among all the other things that are good in this world, I'm thankful for Gene Weingarten and his writing.