Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today's Poetry Thursday entry comes from my anesthesia- and percoset- and pain-addled brain, following rotator cuff surgery on Monday. Actually, it's not quite so bad as I make it sound, but I'm sure not working on financial analyses or revenue forecasting right now! (Note: typing left-handed, so no more capital letters going forward - forgive me!)


"this will be a little pinch"
liar! - it was a big pinch!
i lay with my eyes closed
silently praying
waiting for the darkness to descend
"it's all finished now, dear"
they didn't tell me
they were ready to make me sleep
what time is it?
where am i?
why is it so hot?
soft purple prayer shawl
under my left hand
pins and needles in my right

open my front door
deliberately move to my couch
take a seat
kitty jumps into my lap
we snooze there
for an hour or so
while mom
watches over us

church ladies call
bring food
nothing that has to be cut -
i have only one hand

under my sling
is a pillow
it's a girl sling
not a boy sling
you can tell by the cutout
for a boob

heavenly shower
but couldn't get
my underarm washed
just yet
maybe today
because getting better
is one of those blasted
one day at a time
and even i can't
to the end.