Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Last Poetry Thursday (Sob!)

This is the last week for Poetry Thursday, and I am looking forward to the big announcement to come. This week, I used the (completely and totally optional) writing prompt: an open window.

An Open Window
Your eyes are an open window -
clear blue,
like a lake nestled between two mountains -
and when I look into them
I see myself, but not as I usually do.
The me in your eyes
is more alive
more beautiful
more desirable
than I ever dreamed I could be.

Your hands are an open window -
nimble and free,
elegantly dancing through your work -
and when they touch me
I feel myself, but not as I usually do.
The me in your hands
is more alive
more sensitive
more sensual
than I ever imagined possible.

Your mouth is an open window -
kind and sweet,
wanting to give only tenderness, never pain -
and when it speaks to me
I hear myself, but not as I usually do.
The me on your lips
is more alive
more lovable
more loving
than I ever realised.

Your arms are an open window -
long and strong,
embracing everything you love -
and when they envelop me
I am myself, but not as I usually am.
The me in your arms
is more alive
more connected to the world
more completely myself
than ever I am when I am alone.