Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As if there wasn't already enough drama in my life...

An ominous title for a post, isn't it? Yes, indeed, as if there wasn't already enough drama in my life, my car was rear-ended this morning as I drove in to work. And while the driver whose car struck mine has been ruled at fault, the accident was actually caused by a Virginia Motorist Assistance worker who pulled out from the shoulder into traffic in front of me - without using his turn signal or having his flashing lights on. And then he was unable to tell the State Police where we were, so they were delayed getting to the scene. This was actually kind of nice, though, because it gave us time to call our respective insurance companies and get our claims started. And since we had enough time, we ended up switching cell phones in the middle of the calls, so that I could talk to his claims rep and he could talk to mine. I found this both amusing and terrifically convenient. So by the time I got to work, his insurance company had already taken responsibility for the repairs, and I just had to pick a body shop (and they have a direct-bill shop that I've worked with before and like and trust). They've already arranged for my appraisal, repairs, and rental car, so I'm set. But my poor Lady Jane! I can't open her back hatch right now, and she looks so sad. :(

The real pain in the neck (hee) is that my physical therapist won't see me for my next appointment - tomorrow morning - until I've seen a doctor and been cleared for PT again. My orthopedist didn't have any appointments open before PT, and I really don't want to cancel this appointment when I won't get in again until Monday. So I'm going to hit a doc-in-the-box after taking my daughter to school in the morning, and I'll have to explain everything that's going on, and I know they're going to want to take (expensive and unnecessary) x-rays and check things out fully.

And I ended up cancelling my plans for this weekend, which had been to go to DarkoverCon with my daughter. Her absolute favorite author is one of the guests this year, and she's bummed. But we have some special plans for the long weekend: taking a walk at the beach, seeing a movie, getting up to the Virginia Living Museum, playing our karaoke game, and just having some good girl tomboy fun. So while we're bummed about our change in plans, I know we'll have a good time together.

Amusingly enough, after I got to work this morning, I was there for about an hour before we lost power. It was out to a sizable area around my office, and after about 45 minutes in the dark and with no telephone or network connectivity, management sent us home.

I was telling a friend earlier how nice it would be to have a month with no drama. Then I thought, well, shucks, I'd enjoy a week with no drama. Hell, I thought! Right now, I would be so happy to just have one single day with no drama at all. I can't remember the last drama-free day I had!

Ah well. I know that I still have much to be grateful for. I am being incredibly naughty and listening to the Christmas channels on my xm radio now. But that's okay, right, 'cause it's not Advent yet? We can't listen to Christmas music during Advent, but any other time, right? :-) Actually, I don't really care. Liturgically, I have definite opinions, and I don't like to see Christmas music in church outside the Christmas season (which doesn't begin until December 25) . But at home? If I need Jesus to be born in me, I'm listening to Christmas music. I will also listen to Jesus Christ is Risen Today any time of the year, though I do refrain from actually singing along with the alleluias during Lent. If I need some Resurrection, then I'm listening to Easter music! So there! Nyah!

I am grateful that I wasn't hurt in the accident, and that my car really isn't that bad off. I'm thankful that I have understanding coworkers and management. I'm thankful that I know what's going on with my body now, and that I have a way forward. I'm thankful for the really good medications I'm taking now, that don't sedate me too much or make me feel queasy during the workday. I am grateful for my peaceful and pretty home, and I am grateful for the care of family and friends, and I am deeply grateful for the overflowing love of God... even when I have a hard time understanding or accepting it.