Friday, November 9, 2007

Update to Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Well, there's not a whole lot of update yet.

I have a new supply of pain meds, and a referral to a physiatrist at my physical therapy practice. They're supposed to call me to schedule an appointment, and I'm hoping I'll get in next week. Meanwhile, ice, heat, and pain meds. And restricting my driving, since that seems to be the absolute WORST.

With the help of my kids, I've managed to get some of the household stuff taken care of. At least the stuff that's in the front rooms, where visitors might see it. :) I also discovered that the World's Best Cat Litter is anything but, and I need to get a new supply of cat litter plus figure out a way to get the half-inch-thick layer of solidified (heavy, smelly) cat litter out of the bottom of the litter box. The children will probably be engaged to help with this oh-so-fun chore, too.

And, sadly, I think I'm going to need to rehome my hedgehog, Angel. I'm not playing with her or taking care of her as she deserves. I'm going to make the first offer to the really sweet family from church who have cared for my beasties when I've gone out of town. If they decline, then I'll ask the wider parish community, and then probably list her on craigslist.

As before, my parish family has been wonderful, especially our assistant rector (Hi, Eliz F!). She's understanding that I'm reluctant to go public with this in the parish just yet - which is ironic, given that I'm posting it here, but at least here I'm somewhat anonymous, hiding behind my pseudonym - and is being very supportive within the boundaries I've been stubbornly (and yes, irrationally) clinging to. I need to get over my sense of shame (and probably a touch of failure) at hurting so badly, at not being perfect, at feeling so needy, and probably even at getting worse again after making so much progress since my surgery this summer. But after I see the doctor this week (I hope!), I will know more about what I am and am not supposed to do, so I'll have specific things I can ask for help and support with. Until then, it's all so vague. And being very much a J on the Myers-Briggs, I can't stand vagueness!

So yes... prayers are much appreciated. Peace be with you, my friends.

Update to the update: My appointment with the pain management specialist is next Friday morning, right after physical therapy. So I should really be feeling it for the doctor at that point!