Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Light blogging week

Just so you know, this will probably be a light blogging week for me. I just drove from southeastern Virginia to my company's headquarters in Herndon, and am getting ready for a four-hour P&L meeting with our geographical managers on the project. I've been fielding questions for the last several workdays (and the weekend as well) about revenues this month, and why they increased or decreased, and why they are lower or higher than budgeted, and what we expect to see next month. Tomorrow is the dry run for the monthly Program Management Review, which takes place on Thursday. So: three full days of management meetings. I'm in heaven!

Not. :-)

In the meantime, I wish you blessings and peace. May you know and experience God's overwhelming, awesome love for you. May you pour out this love upon yourself and upon everybody you encounter. I wish you joy and contentment and gratitude. I hope you find - or give! - hugs and smiles this week. May the wind of the Spirit blow upon you and refresh you. May the light of Jesus shine on your path. And may you rest confident in the knowledge that you are extravagantly and intimately loved by the Almighty: Father and Mother.