Sunday, July 15, 2007

Best sermon line EVER

We are very blessed at Old Donation to have our new Assistant. She has many skills and graces, one of which being absolutely amazing preaching. This morning, while preaching on this gospel text, the familiar Good Samaritan story, she delivered the best, most wonderful, most incredible line I've ever heard in a sermon anywhere ever. And it was...

We have been commanded by God to love ourselves.

Doesn't that absolutely give you the shivers? Because you know what? It's true.

So go. Get out there and love yourself. You deserve love, you know. You deserve all the love the universe can shower on you. Yes, you there, browsing the internet at 2am in your boxers. You know who you are. And you, my friend, are loved.

Update: The whole of this wonderful sermon text is now online. Go, read it!